Seminarios de Investigación

Presentado por Estudiantes del Posgrado en Ingeniería de Materiales de la FIME-UANL

Semestre Enero-Junio 2013

Semana 16

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Clusters based on spinel iron oxide nanoparticles and cetyltrimethyl-ammonium bromide

Exfoliation of Hexagonal Boron Nitride by Cryomilling to Obtain Polymer Nanocomposites

Semana 14

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Semana 14.pdf
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Effect of Substitution of Scrap for Feldsphatic and Quartz in a Triaxial Kaolin-Quartz-Feldespat System

Synthesis of β-SiAlON phases by reaction sintering from Si3N4, AlN and Al2O3

Semana 13

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Semana 13.pdf
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Development of a Quenching Process to Optimize Residual Stresses in Steel

Electron Diffraction with Quasi-parallel Illumination in Stem Mode for Characterization of Pbte and Pbse Nanostructures

Semana 12

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Semana 12.pdf
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Synthesis and Characterization of CuAlNi Shape Memory Thin Films by Sputtering

Fluid effect on corrosion in an API X65 steel in a NaCl 3% aqueous solution containing CO2

Semana 11

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Semana 11.pdf
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Study of porosity formation on A356 alloy

Semana 10

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Study of PbS nanoparticles obtained by different synthesis routes

Kinetics Study of Asphaltic Emulsions Setting

Semana 9

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Thin films based binary, ternary and quaternary chalcogenides for solar cell applications

Study of precipitation kinetics in 17-4 PH stainless steel

Semana 8

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Study of an aluminum alloy reinforced with composites for weight reduction in the automotive industry

Effect of heat input in the microstructure, mechanical and tribological properties in welding by technique of high velocity oxy-fuel used in tool steel cold work AISI/SAED2

Semana 7

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Semana 7.pdf
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Efecto de las condiciones hidrodinámicas en el mecanismo y cinética de algunos procesos de corrosión

Semiconductor fiber preparation via blow spinning technique

Microestructural behavior of a wet welding processed API 5l steel, as a function of pressure and temperature used in the handling and transportation of oil

Semana 6

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Semana 6.pdf
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Characterization of chromate conversion coatings for Aerospace use when Hexavalent Chromium is replaced by Trivalent Chromium

Synthesis and characterization of bismuth molybdates under hydrothermal conditions in the presence of EDTA and optimization of conditions for the photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants in aq

Transparent Nanocomposites with Tunable Refractive Index

Semana 5

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Semana 5.pdf
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Fracture mechanisms in fiber reinforced polymer matrix composites

Semana 4

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Organic and aqueous dispersions of RGO electrosterically stabilized

Erosion wear simulation in metallic molds used in sand core making

Semana 3

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Semana 3.pdf
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Simulation and validation of the phase transformations in silicon steels

Increased productivity through the optimisation of the machining process and workpiece microstructure control

Semana 2

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Kinetic study of microstructure and phase transformation of Inconel 718 alloy

Design and study in vitro of a novel interlocked intramedullary nail

Semana 1

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Semana 1.pdf
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Hip prosthesis biomechanical study

Characterization and comparison of the mechanical properties of high strength steels and DP600 TRIP780 for hot forming

Characterization of corrosion behavior of painted galvanized steel under different conditions